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Openings for 2024 Summer & Fall

We have immediate openings available for multi-age (age 3-5) and STEM (age 4-5)

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For full-time positions, please call us at 317-274-3508 for more information. 

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"We consider ourselves very lucky to finally be where our kids belong. You all play such an important role in our kids’ lives and I cannot thank you enough."
"We are so impressed with the structure of the 2-year-old classroom and what (the teacher) does for the little ones. We are just as impressed with (our son’s) growth over the last couple of months and we attribute it all to the wonderful teachers and programming that the school has to offer"
"(Our daughter) does not handle change very well and we were nervous about her handling the change of schools and making new friends. (The teachers) helped her transition flawlessly"

The Center also has the option of closing on the day before or the day after one of the recognized holidays.