Infant / Toddler

The Infant Room schedule is the most flexible because each infant brings their own unique rhythm to the classroom. The program is built around their own personal daily schedule. The Toddler Room introduces more structure and routine to promote stability and security which is the foundation for future growth and development throughout the CYC.

Below is a sample of the experiences your infant or toddler may encounter:

  • The practice of primary caregiving: Each caregiver is assigned a small group of children to focus their care and attention on more directly. This helps to strengthen the bond between your child and at least one caregiver who helps the child develop their sense of trust.
  • Gross motor activities such as climbing and riding; and fine motor activities such as sensory table explorations and sorting and stacking toys
  • Various books, songs and finger plays that are culturally diverse and developmentally appropriate
  • An environment that encourages exploration and experimentation using the five senses
  • Quality one-on-one time during care giving routines such as diapering, feeding, napping with plenty of dialogue and conversation to help promote language development